University Faculty Endorsements

The exam prep offered by Missi Stec via her company deliverED was absolutely wonderful! The students were very engaged and felt empowered to be successful as they prepared for their comprehensive finals and board exams. Missi was very knowledgeable and promoted an engaging atmosphere for learning. Her creative teaching technologies coupled with her friendly personality and professional expertise made the experience for both the faculty and students one we will never forget. I would highly recommend delieveED for any group looking to ensure success for their students.

Alexis 'Lexi' Dunn, PhD, CNM, Nurse-Midwifery Program | Emory University

Student Endorsements

Student Reviews: We Love our Students, And They Love Us

I just wanted to sit down and write you to express my gratitude for the prep!!! Where my confidence level had gone way down I finally feel like I will do this!!!! It was so very helpful for me to be able to speak to you and the others with my vulnerability and felt completely helped after DAY 1.

I Will Do This!, Charlette, student

The remediation course was extremely helpful and provided me the knowledge and confidence I needed.

Confidence I Needed, Monica, student

I’m feeling much relief and confidence that I’ll be ready for my program comps and boards later this summer!

Much Relief!, Lena, student

Well done, team! Feeling ready to finish my focused study and pass those comps and boards with flying colors!

Pass with Flying Colors, Anonymous, student

I enjoyed how the instructors kept the content moving and didn’t get too bogged down with questions or debate on correct/best versus incorrect/not as good answers. They were also very dynamic and kept the material interesting.

Dynamic and Interesting, Anonymous, student

The interactive case studies as well as all of the review was excellent. This was a great way to reinforce what I knew as well as what I needed to study.

Great Way to Reinforce What I Needed to Study/Know, Anonymous, student