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deliverED offers educational solutions for student Midwifery Certification Exam preparation.
Our team is committed to high-quality learning experiences that enhance the student’s knowledge while improving their confidence in taking exams.

Cancellation / Refund Policy: Students may cancel a program registration and are eligible for a full refund, minus a $25 processing fee, if they have not signed into our system and accessed materials from us. If the student signs in and accesses materials then no refund will be issued; however, the student could transfer into another program, if approved by a Faculty Member.

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This program is the ultimate of beach getaways paired with midwifery certification review.  Students will travel to Navarre Beach, Florida for a 3-day, 4-night review with the deliverED faculty.

  • 4 nights lodging (Toes In the Sand) and all meal INCLUDED for 14 students; student arrange travel to and from
  • 2022 dates TBD
  • Daily Schedule:
    • 9-1 pm group review of content and cases
    • 1-4 pm free time
    • Evening mentoring, 1:1 sessions, Heart of Midwifery circle
  • PDF workbook of materials
  • Cost to participate: $1,000
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This program will provide recorded review sessions for preparation that includes case studies tailored to the midwifery certification exam content areas. Faculty will guide discussions on areas including primary care/women’s health, well woman/GYN, antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, and newborn care via web-based technology. Test-taking strategies will be reviewed throughout the sessions. For reinforcement, each topical area will contain a short quiz to assist with retention of the subject matter. A PDF workbook of materials will be provided to participants for the review.

  • Materials accessed through deliverED’s Learning Management System
  • Study your way, on your time, any time
  • Take it along in podcast format
  • Cost to participate: $300
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This program is designed to build on the ReviewED foundation by guiding the student through additional review materials to assist in preparation for the midwifery certification exam.  There are six (6), self-directed modules covering primary care/women’s health, well woman/GYN, antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum. and newborn care.  Each module contains resources including mini-lectures, videos, suggested web links/guidelines, and worksheets to reinforce the concepts for that topic area.   There are case studies embedded into each module to allow students to further practice their test-taking strategies while assessing knowledge base and diagnostic/management capabilities.  The answers for each case are provided in order for students to understand the rationales for these learning exercises. In addition, students have access to the recorded content sessions and quizzes from the ReviewED program.

  • Materials accessed through deliverED’s Learn Worlds Learning Management System.
  • Study your way, any time
  • Take it along in podcast format
  • Contains additional study materials including mini-lectures, videos, links, and worksheets
  • Access to the ReviewED recorded sessions
  • Cost to participate: $550
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Our team knows that feeling prepared for the certification exam can be difficult.  That’s why we offer our highest-level program geared towards students that need one-on-one time with one of our instructors.  This is a 4- to 6-week program customized to the student’s area(s) of weakness.  This program includes a comprehensive pretest, a personal learning plan, and individualized communication and feedback with our team.  Once the student completes their individualized remediation plan, we offer a comprehensive post-test exam and a comparative analysis of progress to help the student fine-tune any additional needs for certification exam preparation.  IndividualizED students also have access to all materials in the GuidED program.

  • Most comprehensive of the deliverED products
  • Materials accessed through deliverED’s Learn Worlds Learning Management System.
  • Custom tailored to meet student needs
  • Includes a pre- and post-test for mastery of knowledge
  • Contains additional study materials for the GuidED program including mini-lectures, videos, links and worksheets
  • Cost to participate: $750
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This individualized service provides one-on-one consultation with a deliverED Exam Prep faculty. The consultation services may include test-taking strategies, discussion and recommendations for management of test anxiety, and/or services outside of our traditional exam prep and education-based content. Consultation services may be conducted via phone or online webinar-based platform. This service is designed to meet your individualized need and may be appropriate when faculty have determined that the other deliverED Exam Prep options need supplementation or are not the best fit. An initial discussion with one of our faculty members will help you determine an estimated number of hours needed.

Cost per hour: $75

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