Empowered, knowledgeable, and engaging.

The EngagED Midwife Podcast hopes to engage practicing midwives to enhance their robust knowledge base and elevate their clinical practice.

Cara Busenhart and Missi Stec provide insightful, relevant conversations on midwifery topics that enhance student knowledge and improve confidence for certification while also serving as a review on current topics for the practicing midwife. Tune in for upcoming episodes on substance abuse in pregnancy, caring for the gut, and what is like to be partnered with a midwife.

Stop the Bleed

In this episode, Cara and Missi review the new guidelines for postpartum hemorrhage identification, prevention, and management.  Citing the ACOG practice bulletin, the World Health Organization, and the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health, this discussion will bring students and midwives up to date on what is new for clinical practice.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

In this episode, Cara and Missi run through a list of common discomforts of pregnancy with a mind toward midwifery management.  Curious about what to take for heartburn or how to help patients deal with hemorrhoids?  This episode is for you.

Coming Soon from DeliverED

We have updates on all things Exam Prep.  Cara and Missi will talk about new products and opportunities, as well as, some exciting opportunities for Spring 2022.

My Mom is a Midwife

Meet the Busenhart and Stec children.  Cara and Missi’s kids dish about what it’s like for their mom to be a midwife.  Join us for this fun, sweet, and insightful conversation with Rory, Brooks, Max, and Julia as they talk about life with their moms.

Once a C Section Not Always a C Section

In this episode, Cara and Missi breakdown all thing TOLAC and VBAC.  Discussing indications, calculators, and protocols, you won’t want to miss this conversation about how midwives can be instrumental in helping women have successful vaginal deliveries.

Making Friends with the Gut

In this episode, Cara and Missi are joined by certified nurse-midwife Amanda Treon to discuss the link between the gut and inflammation.  Amanda will build on the current research and science to give us tangible ways to help clients struggling with overall wellness.

Married to a Midwife

In this episode, Cara and Missi host Missy and Sarah Furlette-Koski and invite their own partners to join in on a conversation about what it’s like to be married to a midwife.  You won’t want to miss this candid talk about partnering with a midwife and how to make it work.


In this episode, Cara and Missi will discuss PCOS- everything from presentation to diagnosis to treatment. Join us to brush up on your knowledge of how to best help our patients manage this multi-factorial diagnosis.

That’s Not Your Story

In this episode, Cara and Missi are joined by their midwife colleague, Mandy, to discuss substance abuse in pregnancy.  This thoughtful and insightful conversation will provide listeners with practical tips on the care of women with abuse disorders.

When to Screen and When to Not

In this episode, Cara and Missi will review helpful tools for screening assessments and tests in primary care.  Utilizing the United State Preventative Service Taskforce (USPSTF) guidelines, they will walk the student and practicing midwife through the recommendations of when to screen and when to not.

When Making a Baby Feels Like Work

In this episode, Cara and Missi get real about infertility.  Describing the history, workup and basic management, they will help provide a foundation of how to care for families experiencing difficulty achieving pregnancy.  Additionally, Missi will share her insights regarding her personal journey with infertility and importance of her care team.

The Doctor is IN!

In this episode, Cara and Missi will give their thoughts on terminal degrees in nursing.  The discussion will focus on the DNP and the PhD and why those degrees are a good fit for clinicians.  A lighthearted conversation that you won’t want to miss about why a doctoral degree can be relevant in advanced practice.

Tachypnea, Tachycardia and Fever….OH MY!

In this episode, Cara and Missi breakdown common symptom clusters that can be prevalent in the care of the newborn.  These deviations from normal should be understood by midwives in order to effectively stabilize newborns and employ consultation, collaboration and referral.

There’s An App For That

In this episode, Cara and Missi give you all the tips and tricks for apps in clinical practice. The Mobile Application Rating Scale (MARS) is broken down for clinicians and students while sharing all their favorite apps.

The Problem with Hypertension

In this episode, Cara and Missi discuss the hallmarks of hypertension in pregnancy including important diagnostic features, testing and midwifery management.

Shine Your Light with Dr. Heather Hines

In this episode, Cara and Missi are joined by their friend and colleague, Dr. Heather Hines for a frank discussion on mindfulness, feeding your midwifery spirit and maintaining mental wellbeing.

Every 28 Days, Just Like a Period

In this episode, Cara and Missi get down to basics and review the menstrual cycle from the HPOA axis all the way to menstrual disorders. Join in this refreshing review of the role the female body plays in reproduction.

Test Taking Strategies

In this episode, Cara and Missi will dish about all things test taking. From what to expect to how to prepare, this episode will help student to focus on what is important when taking their Midwifery certification exam.

An Introduction

In this episode, Missi and Cara will talk about how they conceptualized their company, DeliverED, and how the company has come to be a great solution for certification exam preparation.