Empowered, knowledgeable, and engaging.

The EngagED Midwife Podcast hopes to engage practicing midwives to enhance their robust knowledge base and elevate their clinical practice.

Cara Busenhart and Missi Stec provide insightful, relevant conversations on midwifery topics that enhance student knowledge and improve confidence for certification while also serving as a review on current topics for the practicing midwife. Tune in for upcoming episodes on substance abuse in pregnancy, caring for the gut, and what is like to be partnered with a midwife.

Below are our 10 most popular podcasts… click the player above to see all episodes.

Test Taking Strategies

In this episode, Cara and Missi will dish about all things test taking. From what to expect to how to prepare, this episode will help student to focus on what is important when taking their Midwifery certification exam.

Every 28 Days, Just Like a Period

In this episode, Cara and Missi get down to basics and review the menstrual cycle from the HPOA axis all the way to menstrual disorders. Join in this refreshing review of the role the female body plays in reproduction.

The Problem with Hypertension

In this episode, Cara and Missi discuss the hallmarks of hypertension in pregnancy including important diagnostic features, testing and midwifery management.

All Things Contraception

In this, the last episode of season 2, Cara and Missi start with an overview of the hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenal axis as a basis for a comprehensive conversation around contraception. Progesterone only, LARCS, combined methods, and everything in between. Come one, come all. If you need a refresher on contraception, then this is your episode.


In this episode, Cara and Missi will discuss PCOS- everything from presentation to diagnosis to treatment. Join us to brush up on your knowledge of how to best help our patients manage this multi-factorial diagnosis.

What’s Blood Got To Do With It

In this episode, Cara and Missi take a deep dive into anemia.  Join the girls for a conversation around diagnosis, treatment, and education geared toward patients with anemia.

When It’s Time to Meet the Placenta

In this episode, Cara and Missi compare and contrast active versus physiologic management of the third stage of labor.  Using the evidence as a guide, this conversation will help nurses and providers alike find their own way to manage third stage and understand the risk factors that may prompt active management.

To Bleed or Not to Bleed

In this Episode, Cara and Missi get real about the postpartum period.  Everything from breastfeeding, bleeding, and contraception, tune in to hear their advice for patient teaching, anticipatory guidance and what to expect in the postpartum period.

Finding the Right Fit: Prenatal Genetic Testing

In this episode, Cara and Missi discuss preconception and prenatal genetic testing.  Find out the differences between screening and diagnosis and the appropriate tests for each trimester in this information packed session.

Update on STI and STD Treatment

In this episode, Cara and Missi are again joined by Amy for a conversation around the new CDC guidelines for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.  This quick chat focuses on the main treatment changes that were highlighted in the July 2021 update.  Don’t forget to bookmark the webpage and delete that app!